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[ The word ­once spoken flies beyond recall, the writing remains. ]

HORAZ, De arte poetica


WELCOME to the website for the translation office of Ingo Potthast in Bad Zwischenahn.

Since the emergence of language in early human history, words have been responsible for no small amount of confusion. With the introduction of writing, things only became more chaotic. Since 2002, the Ingo Potthast translation office has brought a little order to the never-ending sea of international communication. Our core competence: Translations into German from English, Dutch, and Italian.

We translate all kinds of documents, such as manuals and instruction materials, websites, business correspondence, marketing texts, corporate presentations, as well as software and audio-scripts for computer games, to name just a few. You will find a detailed list of language combinations and specialist areas in our profile.

The process of translation is much more than the mere transferring of words from one language into another. Texts are not units that permit one-to-one  transformation. Behind a text is an idea, an intention, a message, which, with the right choice of words, coherent grammar, appropriate style, and of course with the utilisation of relevant background knowledge, should be expressed without adulteration.

Above all, in these times of globalisation, when mankind is moving ever closer together and modern means of communication make distance almost meaningless, translators and interpreters have an invaluable contribution to make to successful understanding across national and cultural boundaries.

A competent and professional service provider, someone who knows the rules – and traps! – of their own language, and is familiar with the customs of the target country, is indispensable for the proper functioning of this sometimes delicate exchange of information.

So, if you’re on the lookout for such a service, you’re in the right place!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ingo Potthast
(Graduate Translator)

IP Translations - Translation Office